Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eating crap just got easier

I drove by this sign the other day near campus and thought this marquee had been tampered with by pranksters.

That's what would have happened in my world.

In the real world, it is a national ad campaign by Taco Bell with commercials starring their female version of Jared from the Subway commercial. At least with Subway, you actually have to get out of the car and actually walk to your sandwich. My first reaction was that no one would take this seriously, but the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of folks out there who do - not because they think that gorging on beyond low quality food while reclining behind a steering wheel would help you lose weight, but because some people will believe anything. Anything they watch on the t.v. Anything Wal Mart tells them. Anything their friends tell them. Anything that somehow validates their lives and who they hate and what they eat. And for some who may not believe things at first, if you pound it into their heads enough, they eventually will (remember when they kept telling us Al Queda was linked to Iraq?). That is why 31% of Republicans still believe Barack Hussein Obama wasn't born in the United States. Now granted, I don't think any of us know for certain whether he was born in America or not (even though he did furnish a copy of his birth certificate and put it online), but how could somebody be so certain that he wasn't?

Because some people will believe anything they're told.

I don't know for certain either how much of the information I consume daily is legitimate, but I'd like to think that the sources I glean them from are credible. For instance, I don't know whether drinking a glass of wine a day is good for my health, or if Albert Pujols really hit that home run in last night's ball game, but I pretty much trust the American Journal of Science and the AP sports wire. I generally trust that my friends are smart enough to look for credible sources, but after they tell me something, I'll still usually look it up. And yes, some journalist or editor still may not be reporting the truth, but at least they are not telling me that I will LOSE WEIGHT by eating crappy food that I don't have to get out of my car to consume! I realize that Taco Bell isn't marketing to people like me, but it's sad that they're exploiting a segment of the population who will believe anything told to them by such a successful, authoritative corporation.

I can't wait for the day when the drive thru tellers will actually chew the food for you as well. Below is their actual new campaign slogan...

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